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Frequently Asked Questions

At Shevyboy’s Driving School, we always value our customers’ needs and safety. Hence, for your convenience, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions so that you can be better informed. Feel free to call us if you don’t find the answers to your queries here, or if you have further questions about our services.

Yes, we are licensed and permitted by MPI and have a Professional Driver Training Instructor Permit. Shevyboy's Driving School is a licensed Driver Training School under Manitoba's Highway Traffic Act and Driver and Vehicle Act.

Yes, All our training vehicles carry dual brakes and were inspected and permitted by MPI.

Yes. If we have received a 24-hour notice, students can reschedule lesson bookings.

Unfortunately we can only provide training in our MPI permitted training vehicles.

Yes. We pick up all our customers from their homes for all our in-car lessons. We will happily pick you up from any desired location and drop you off where needed at the end of the lesson. (Within Brandon, MB).

Yes. If you haven’t had any lessons with Shevyboy's Driving School and need a vehicle for your road test, we offer a rental vehicle for your road test. We offer a contactless option for "road test car rental" in which the car will be available at MPI for use. Note: This option "does not" include pick up/drop off services, but can be arranged with sufficient notice.


Regular Questions

Yes. A one-hour in-car practice test with Shevyboy's Driving School will provide you with instant feedback on your driving skills. You will be provided with the tips and maneuvers you need to know for your road test, and we will advise you for any practice you may need before your road test.

We accept multiple payment types: Visa, Mastercard, visa debit card, e-transfer, cheque, and cash.

Road test can be booked directly at any MPI office or Autopac. MPI also offers online booking for road test. 

Yes. We always work around our students’ schedule. If a student needs us in the evening or on the weekend, we will do our best to accommodate these times and days.

Yes. We have no objection if a student wants a family member or a friend to ride along on the lesson. However, it will be limited to one person only.

Our vehicle undergoes an annual safety inspection, and we have the maximum insurance on the vehicle required by MPI for car training. Additionally, our vehicles are equipped with dual brake control.

There is no requirement for anyone to use a driving school before they go for their road test. However, how many lessons you need will depend on your previous driving experience, driving habits, your confidence and aptitude for learning to drive. Everyone learns at different speeds. A one-on-one driving lesson with us will provide you with immediate feedback, and recommendations for future lessons.

Unfortunately not. We only can provide lessons to valid Class 5 license holder.

Anyone can improve their driving at any time. You could have your full privilege license (Class 5)- a driving instructor can help you learn certain maneuvers you may be struggling with and provide you with skills to be a safe and defensive driver. New drivers with a learner’s license (Class 5L) - MPI recommends you have at least 45-hours of driving experience or practise before your Class 5L road test. We highly recommend a new driver to start taking their lessons upon receiving their learner's license (Class 5L). A few lessons in the early stages will provide you with a good idea of what you should work towards over the next year with your co-pilot. Drivers with more driving experience may want a couple of lessons before their road test to improve their driving skills, learn maneuvers they may need to know for their road test and work on driving habits that may require some attention.

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