Misconceptions of The Road Test

If you’re scheduled to take a road test, chances are you’ve heard some strange tales from those who already crossed that bridge. Like most unverified tales, there are usually some truth and false statements. The obvious outcome is a perception of road test myths that are passed down to beginner drivers. Unknown to most learners, […]

Common mistakes when doing a road test

Below you will find a list of maneuvers along with the common mistakes associated with the maneuvers. Depending on the scenario, these mistakes can either result in a general mistake(minor point taken) or a critical mistake (automatic failure). (Maneuver) Left turns at green lights:  • Leaning vehicle to the left (vehicle/wheels should be kept straight),  […]

How to pass your MPI Road Test

ROAD TEST DAY You must be at the MPI’s testing location 15 mins before your appointment road test day: Back-in to the designated testing parking stall. Have all the required IDs for your road test (including valid Class 5L). Have all the required fees with you for the road test.  Valid vehicle registration. You must […]